Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

While the Internet is increasingly becoming our go-to source for instantly connecting with others, conducting business, shopping and more, there are certain safety precautions we need to consider. Whether we’re at our desktops at the office, on our mobile devices on the road, or accessing the Internet through a computer in a public space, such as a hotel business center, we must be cognizant of cyber crime and know where the risks lie.

According to David Nelson, an FDIC fraud specialist, there are specific steps you can follow to minimize the risk of identity theft and other online attacks. Here are his top five suggestions:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to Repair Your Credit Post Bankruptcy

From losing a job to losing a home, many Americans have suffered the slings and arrows of the recession over the past few years. This has forced many to make the difficult decision of filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is the least desirable option when in financial distress—leaving a large scar on your credit rating for 7-10 years—it is often the only one left.

Even once they emerge from a bankruptcy, many are still confronted with a long-term impact on their credit rating, making it nearly impossible to find credit at a reasonable cost. According to the credit experts at, many creditors will not lend to you for one to two years. When you finally begin to qualify again, you will typically be categorized as “extra high risk,” which is often accompanied by lower credit limits and very high interest rates.

The good news is that nothing in credit is forever.